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Monday, October 22, 2012

Assassin's Creed 2 Wallpaper

This game is simply the best stealth game ever made. Developed by Ubisoft, Montreal, Assassin's Creed, available for the PC (both Windows and Mac), PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, is a historical science fiction story that takes place in today's world (the year is 2012), where the hero Desmod Miles is kidnapped and forced to use the machine called Animus, whereby he is able to access the memories of his assassin ancestors. The plot of the game turns out to be a lot more complex than that, which makes this game only the better. If you have played any of the Hitman games (featuring Diane and Agent 47), or even any of the Splinter Cell games (featuring Agent Sam Fischer), then this is a game for you. Join the brotherhood! Fight templars, and be cool! Enjoy the wallpapers.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Top 3 Best YouTube Videos of October 2012

Today as I sat on the train on my way to work, I had a curious thought. I was looking down on my Samsung Galaxy 3 waiting for AT&T to release the update for Android 4.1 (Jellybean), but nothing happened. So the next thought I had was this: I wonder what the best 3 videos on YouTube were for last month...

Based on this most amazing idea, I decided to set out and find out what people posted within the last 50 days or so, and sort out the absolute best five clips. So in no particular order, here are my conclusions:

Debate Highlights Songified

Unless you're living under an ugly rock, you probably didn't even know there was a debate here in the United States so the world could have something to look forward to - presidential elections. Turns out that a lot of people watched the debate, but even more people are now watching the many remixes that people have made of the debate. Out of some 10 different versions of the debate, this is the video I thought deserved to be on my top 5 list for October:

Sports Fail Compilation 2012 - Olympic FAILS

This one is a bit of a misnomer, sadly, because not a single of the fails is from the 2012 Olympic games. However, the video is still pretty funny. You'll like it, trust me.

Felix Baumgartner - Red Bull Stratos - Space Jump [Full Video] HD

This video has to be the absolute best of all of 2012, in my opinion. People's opinion of what this meant varies quite a bit, but overall, this was quite a feat. For those of you still living offline and not keeping up with what's going on around you, this is the quick summary of what went down: so this guy Felix Baumgartner did the most amazing sky dive in history. Really. He jumped off a height of 24 MILES above the surface of the earth. Normally a sky diver is in freefall for less than a minute. 40 seconds is a good average for normal people. Felix dropped for over 5 minutes. He actually achieved speeds faster than the speed of sound while he dropped, just to give you an idea. So yeah, enjoy the video.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Mike Tyson Funny Interviews

If you haven't heard an interview with the boxer Iron Mike, then I don't think you've seen a good interview by an athlete. Basically, Tyson is a crazy guy! Most of the time whatever he says makes no sense, and usually he doesn't even answer the interviewer's question. The good news is that you get plenty of laughs from his hilarious interview disasters.

I Broke My Back Interview

This is one of his best interviews ever. The reporter asks Mike how he's doing, and he answers, "I broke my back." (awkward silence and a dumb look). This specific version of the dialogue has extra footage from ESPN.

Cussing Live on CNN

This is a strange one. Live on CNN, the guy asks the boxer how he's feeling about that night's fight. His answer, "Who cares, it's just a fight... how about killing that mother f****?!" Weird. The anchor man decided to end the conversation earlier, only to be cussed out of the air.

"I Wanna Eat His Children"

My personal favorite question & answer session with the New York fighter. When asked if that was his shortest fight ever, Tyson goes crazy and praises Allah, his children, himself, then turns around and walk away. Even better is the fact that a guy standing on the back looks an awful lot like Ray Charles - in the ring! To this day I still have a hard time stopping laughing after I watch this interview.

"Praise be to Allah"

Last, but not least, here we have a remix of the last video. This time you can listen to his religious blurb, along with very dramatic music. Again, the great answer to whether that was his shortest fight, the phrase "Assah Lamma lay kum maida" (meaning peace be upon you)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Real Housewives of LA

Still waiting for the hottest show on television to get going in Los Angeles? Bravo TV is working on the next season of its famous series that follows our favorite women around, and this time it will be in the city of angels, again, in California. Who are the wives of LA? That's a good question, since the housewives are usually not very popular, famous people until they get on the show. To this date, the most popular season was the housewives from Orange County, and below are a few photos from them.

The Housewives of Orange County

Not all of the original wives are still on the current show, however. For example, Sarah Winchester has a lot air time, but is not part of the list of real hot wife.

Alexis Bellino

People still wonder what Alexis looks like now after how nose job. Did she even need to have plastic surgery for the health reasons she claimed on one of the episodes? I'll post pictures of her new nose some time later this summer.

Gretchen Rossi  

It's common knowledge that most of these women are not into singing that much. Very few of them have any skills at all when it comes to their voice - let alone just speaking, right?! Gretchen, who calls herself a princess, is actually from Los Angeles, and some say she will be one of real housewives of LA. I guess that remains to be seen.

Heather Dubrow

While Heather isn't the loudest of them all, she is not as camera shy as some people have told me. I think her issue is that she has too much plastic in her. I guess that's what happens when you marry a surgeon from California. In her case, other than going shopping with her friends, there's not much else to do in life.

Tamra Barneys

Some people think her boyfriend smiles too much. I've heard him being called the fake househusband of Orange County because he's not a millionaire like most other hubbies in the show. Plus he's young enough to be Tamra's son. Good grief, get a role model, kid!

Vicki Gunvalson

I think Vicki is to OC what that old lady was in New Jersey. You know, that Caroline Manzo lady. I think she feels bad she doesn't get as much attention as any of the other people in the show (not even the men), plus she was known for her family's health difficulties, which as never fun. Still, without the lesser characters, the show could not have its superstars.

More Real Housewives Wallpapers
So while we all wait for the day when Bravo decides to air the new season in LA, I've posted a few posters and photographs from other seasons and other cities. One of the most popular seasons was in New Jersey, where a table was flipped. Let's not forget the chunk of hair that was pulled off someone's head by a troubled daughter.

Then back in California, we had the drunken housewives with a Brit who didn't give a lot of love to her husband. A lot of people have mentioned that the ladies in Beverly Hills were the ones with the least amount of cash of them all, even though they were symbolized by diamonds and the most luxurious lifestyle out of the rest of the bunch. Still, now the show is over, and we only care about the premier of the new episodes in the West Coast!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Alcatraz Wallpaper

I'll be breaking this post down into a few different sections. The first will have general pictures from Alcatraz. Then I'll be posting pictures of some of the characters and actors/actresses. As I get more pictures from the individual cast members, I'll be sure to include those as photos and wallpapers.

Jorge Garcia, AKA Doctor Diego Soto
At first this was one of the main reasons I decided to watch the show (I think if it wasn't for J.J. Abrams, I probably shouldn't be any more inclined to trying out this show as I would about watching The New Housewives of New Jersey). Still, everybody loves Hugo! That's right, this is the very same fat guy from Lost! Now Alcatraz is that much more awesome.

Parminder Nagra, AKA Dr. Lucille Banerjee
Much to my surprise, not a lot of people seem to know much about Parminder Nagra. On the show, she plays the role of a mysterious agent, and also of an even more mysterious psychologist on the prison of Alcatraz.

Leon Rippy, AKA Dr. Milton Beauregard
This guy is kind of boring. Leon (the one on the right on the photo below) is the guy that tells Rebecca and Doc Soto what to do. Obviously he knows a lot more than he tells, but from episodes 4-6 we see that he doesn't really know a whole lot about all that's going on. Still, being kind of a boring actor, I think the show loses some by having him. At least by having him play the role of the key character that Leon Rippy is. I wish they had chosen someone else, but oh well...

Sarah Jones, AKA Rebecca Madsen
Agent Madsen is the main character in the story so far. It turns out that her grandfather was part of the people that used to be in Alcatraz, but I don't want to say too much more about it since the show is so new, and so few people have watched it. Again, I think the choice of actress here wasn't the best. But here's a few wallpapers of Sarah Jones for those of you out there who follow her work and admire what she does.

 J.J Abrams, Executive producer
He is the man. What more can I say?! Anyone who hasn't watched his presentation on TED should do so right now!

Jonny Coyne, AKA warden Edwin James
So far this is my favorite character out of all the people from Alcatraz. Such great acting, I love it.

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