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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Top 3 Best YouTube Videos of October 2012

Today as I sat on the train on my way to work, I had a curious thought. I was looking down on my Samsung Galaxy 3 waiting for AT&T to release the update for Android 4.1 (Jellybean), but nothing happened. So the next thought I had was this: I wonder what the best 3 videos on YouTube were for last month...

Based on this most amazing idea, I decided to set out and find out what people posted within the last 50 days or so, and sort out the absolute best five clips. So in no particular order, here are my conclusions:

Debate Highlights Songified

Unless you're living under an ugly rock, you probably didn't even know there was a debate here in the United States so the world could have something to look forward to - presidential elections. Turns out that a lot of people watched the debate, but even more people are now watching the many remixes that people have made of the debate. Out of some 10 different versions of the debate, this is the video I thought deserved to be on my top 5 list for October:

Sports Fail Compilation 2012 - Olympic FAILS

This one is a bit of a misnomer, sadly, because not a single of the fails is from the 2012 Olympic games. However, the video is still pretty funny. You'll like it, trust me.

Felix Baumgartner - Red Bull Stratos - Space Jump [Full Video] HD

This video has to be the absolute best of all of 2012, in my opinion. People's opinion of what this meant varies quite a bit, but overall, this was quite a feat. For those of you still living offline and not keeping up with what's going on around you, this is the quick summary of what went down: so this guy Felix Baumgartner did the most amazing sky dive in history. Really. He jumped off a height of 24 MILES above the surface of the earth. Normally a sky diver is in freefall for less than a minute. 40 seconds is a good average for normal people. Felix dropped for over 5 minutes. He actually achieved speeds faster than the speed of sound while he dropped, just to give you an idea. So yeah, enjoy the video.

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