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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Real Housewives of LA

Still waiting for the hottest show on television to get going in Los Angeles? Bravo TV is working on the next season of its famous series that follows our favorite women around, and this time it will be in the city of angels, again, in California. Who are the wives of LA? That's a good question, since the housewives are usually not very popular, famous people until they get on the show. To this date, the most popular season was the housewives from Orange County, and below are a few photos from them.

The Housewives of Orange County

Not all of the original wives are still on the current show, however. For example, Sarah Winchester has a lot air time, but is not part of the list of real hot wife.

Alexis Bellino

People still wonder what Alexis looks like now after how nose job. Did she even need to have plastic surgery for the health reasons she claimed on one of the episodes? I'll post pictures of her new nose some time later this summer.

Gretchen Rossi  

It's common knowledge that most of these women are not into singing that much. Very few of them have any skills at all when it comes to their voice - let alone just speaking, right?! Gretchen, who calls herself a princess, is actually from Los Angeles, and some say she will be one of real housewives of LA. I guess that remains to be seen.

Heather Dubrow

While Heather isn't the loudest of them all, she is not as camera shy as some people have told me. I think her issue is that she has too much plastic in her. I guess that's what happens when you marry a surgeon from California. In her case, other than going shopping with her friends, there's not much else to do in life.

Tamra Barneys

Some people think her boyfriend smiles too much. I've heard him being called the fake househusband of Orange County because he's not a millionaire like most other hubbies in the show. Plus he's young enough to be Tamra's son. Good grief, get a role model, kid!

Vicki Gunvalson

I think Vicki is to OC what that old lady was in New Jersey. You know, that Caroline Manzo lady. I think she feels bad she doesn't get as much attention as any of the other people in the show (not even the men), plus she was known for her family's health difficulties, which as never fun. Still, without the lesser characters, the show could not have its superstars.

More Real Housewives Wallpapers
So while we all wait for the day when Bravo decides to air the new season in LA, I've posted a few posters and photographs from other seasons and other cities. One of the most popular seasons was in New Jersey, where a table was flipped. Let's not forget the chunk of hair that was pulled off someone's head by a troubled daughter.

Then back in California, we had the drunken housewives with a Brit who didn't give a lot of love to her husband. A lot of people have mentioned that the ladies in Beverly Hills were the ones with the least amount of cash of them all, even though they were symbolized by diamonds and the most luxurious lifestyle out of the rest of the bunch. Still, now the show is over, and we only care about the premier of the new episodes in the West Coast!

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