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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Comic Book Wallpapers

After being inspired by this awesome Comic Book Survey, I decided to post a few wallpapers for those of you out there who dig reading the comics. Enjoy!

Green Lantern - Gotta love those comic book logos

Comic Book Guy - The Simpsons. This is easily my favorite wallpaper of all. "Worst Wallpaper Ever!" Sometimes I wonder why they make the Comic Book Guy say that phrase for everything. Is that supposed to be the way comic book fans talk and criticize stuff? I think that's the worst character judgment ever!

The Flash - Personally, one of my favorite super heroes. I thought the times they showed him in Smallville were super awesome. Definitely one of the coolest characters from DC Comics. I do think Gardner Fox and Harry Lampert should be names every kid should learn in middle school.

Heroes - The latest TV show about super heroes. Not bad, although after season 1 the series started to suck. Hiro's plot got messed up, then Peter and the Petrelli's, followed by Suresh, and everyone else, just about. Still, a cool wallpaper for anyone who wants to save the world. Yatta!

Wonder Woman - one of the weirdest super heroes I know of.

Lex Luthor in this nice, but bloody wallpaper. Something about bald super heroes/villains...

Batman - the weakest of them all, yet the one making the most money with the recent super hero movies.

Green Lantern - again, a sweet, yet subtle wallpaper for the comic book lover.

Super Man - No super hero/comic book wallpaper collection can be complete without this classic scene. Rest in peace, Christopher Reeves! 

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  1. first of all, your green lantern is actually green arrow... and secondly, it's Christopher Reeve, not Reeve.


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