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Sunday, July 10, 2011

2011 Women's Soccer World Cup

With the 2011 FIFA soccer world cup going on, even though it's the women's world cup, I just thought I'd post a few wallpapers to all of you soccer fans. While the majority of these wallpapers are from the 2011 Women's tournament, there are a few wallpapers of the two best soccer teams in the history of the game. These are the Brazilian soccer team, and Sao Paulo Futebol Clube, unarguably the best professional football team that ever played the sport.

Fraven-WM 2011 Bewerbung Deutschland

If you don't think Brazil is going to win this year's women's FIFA soccer world cup, you should learn something about soccer then you probably know a lot about women's soccer. I hope you enjoy these awesome wallpapers of these strong women in the world of football. Also, I must say, while these deal with images only (no sound), just looking at these wallpapers I'm glad we're not talking about South Africa anymore, where they had that annoying vuvuzeta deal all day long.

2011 Women's soccer world cup
2011 womens soccer world cup wallpaper

Team USA Defeats Brazil - again

It was a strange game, I must say. Brazil played better, I thought, but they just couldn't get through. The US, while playing with only 10 players for most of the game, did manage to hold on, and take the game to penalty shots. There, as it is said in the world of soccer, it is all a bit lottery. You can't really predict who will win a penalty shootout like that. That's when details determine a game, more than any other time. Brazilian player Daiane missed her penalty shot, which eventually lead to the country's elimination from the tournament. But the question remains: Can the United States win the cup? If it depends on goalkeeper Hope Solo, I think the answer is obvious.

Hope Solo pictures

Considered one of the most beautiful players in all of soccer, North American goalkeeper Hope Solo has been the main reason behind her team's success. In the crucial game against Brazil, she blocked two penalty shots, one of which the referee decided to redo, which resulted in Brazil converting the shot.

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