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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Lost Finale - Series Conclusion

Lost Finale - Series Conclusion

There's no Place Like Home

Attention: The following text includes information that may be considered 'spoiler' to anyone who hasn't watched Lost, especially the last season and the series Finale.

Season 6 Summary

Being a Lost fan you were probably expecting a big surprise as you watched the first episode of the series (LA X). I surely was surprise when I saw Oceanic 815 flying across the sea playing the same scene from season 1 where Jack is talking to Rose while Bernard is in the man's room... Things started to change when we see Desmond in the plane too (remember, during season 1 Desmond was inside his Swan Hatch thanks to the Dharma Initiative). Also, things looked different when John Locke tells Boone that he was in Australia going on a walkabout. Then, as the scene started to fade out, we go under the ocean to find the Island sitting there at the bottom of the great deep. We know it's the island because of the Dharma housing and the 4-toed statue of Tawaret (Tawaret was the Egyptian godess of life, birth, and fertility. The statue was a temple of sorts, inside of which Jacob lived).

Lost Season InterpretationSo with Oceanic 815 landing safely in Los Angeles, the island being under the ocean, what are we to expect in season 6? As we quickly see Kate back in the island, and the events from the finale of season 5, our first instinct was to imagine season 6 being similar to season 4, where two parallel stories were being told: one in the present and one connecting to it from the future. Of course, knowing how the writers of Lost think, we could probably assume this wouldn't be the case. And it wasn't.

Turns out that the entire parallel story with the island under the ocean was not a direct extension of the original Oceanic 815 that took off from Sydney in 2004. After all, if both realities were to collide at some point there would be a 4 year difference that would be hard to explain. Remember, season 1 took place in 2004, and by the time we find our friends in the island in season 6, it's close to 2010. Also, as the Losties resume their lives in Los Angeles, we find out that some of the main elements were the same (Locke was still in a wheel chair, Kate was still in the run, and Jack was still getting ready to bury his father), but at the same time, some of the crutial elements were essentially different. Sawyer was a cop (his partner being none else than Miles Straume, the son of the freaky Dharma Master Dr. Chang), Jack had a loser son, Hugo was loved by everyone, and Ben was a High School teacher.

As the story develops, we find that there is some sort of connection with the parallel story and the island. It appears that the parallel (or sideways story) takes place after the island events. We know this because Charlie, Desmond, Hugo, and Libby get weird flashbacks of events in the island when they have powerful events triggered by a near death experience or some event parallel to what previously happened in the island. They somehow remember events from the island and slowly and gradually realize what once took place between them.

While in the island, we learn some amazing truths or major elements of the story of Lost. First, we learn that Richard doesn't actually wear makeup to make his eyes stand out so much. Yes, they are natural... We then go on to learn how Richard was able to live all those years and never age.

Richard Alpert

Turns out he was from the Canary Islands back in 1867. He had a wife named Isabela, and his actual name was Ricardo. One day he came home to find her really sick. Ricardo sought help from a doctor, but since he had no money the doctor refused to help him. Richard tried to take the medication by force and in the struggle the doctor ended up, well, dying. Richard Alpert went back to his log house, his wife was dead, and he got sad :(

As a punishment for having committed murder, Alpert was thrown in jail for a while where he studied his Bible in English, and learned the language somewhat. Then, as he was about to be executed, a kind slave owner bought him and that saved his life. Ricardo was put inside a ship, seen in Lost season 1, named Black Rock. He was held there in chains while in transit to his new home...

At the finale of Lost season 5, we hear that brief, yet much powerful dialog between Jacob and a guy wearing dark clothes. We see that Jacob brought the ship there. Then, as John Locke later demands to be taken to see Jacob, we hear another powerful dialog between Locke (who told Ben Linus he now had a purpose) and Richard, and Locke told Richard that "it was good to see [him] out of those chains." Whatever that meant...

Now, as the Black Rock sailed across the sea, there arose a mighty storm that tossed the ship back and forth, until it eventually crashed into a statue of a four-toed Egyptian godess. Turns out that's how the statue of Tawaret was destroyed, and that's how Black Rock ended up in the middle of the jungle. The slaves that survived were killed by the slave owner with a sword the next day because he was pissed of, I guess. As he was about to kill Richard, however, the black smoke monster came and killed the dude with the sword. Richard survived, but the key to the chains fell just out of Richard's reach, so he couldn't get free. His wife somehow appeared to him and she was all scared. The black smoke monster killed her also. Richard was about to die several days later as he wasn't able to get free from the chains.

Then, on a beautiful morning in the 19th century, the man in black who had told Jacob how badly he wanted to kill him showed up and made Richard promise him that if he freed him, Ricardo would help him out from that point on. Not having many options, Richard agreed and was released. Then, the phrase we've all come to love was uttered, "It's so good to see you out of those chains."

As Richard was set free by this man in black, but not knowing anything about him, he was left to wander through the island. He eventually ran into Jacob and asked him about Isabela. Jacob told him he had no idea who Isabela was and that he didn't know where she was. They talk for a bit and Jacob explains to Richard that the man in black is an evil person that needs to be kept in check. Jacob sits down to drink wine with Richard and explains that the Island is what keeps the man in black from getting out into the world and spreading his evil ways and killing everyone. The was Jacob explained it was similar to the way the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey talks about man and the soul of man. Jacob says that the wine in the bottle (the content of the bottle) was an example of the man in black, and the cork, being what keeps the wine from spilling out, was the island. He didn't say much else about that.

Richard then asked Jacob what he'd get for helping him with the mysterious man in black. Jacob asked Ricardo what he wanted. He said he wanted his deceased wife to come back to life. Jacob said he couldn't do that. Richard then said he didn't want to go to hell for having killed the doctor back the night his wife died. Jacob expressed how that wasn't possible for him to do either. Richard then said he wanted to live forever, that way he wouldn't need to go to hell upon his death. Jacob's answer, "now, that I can do." He touched Richard's shoulder, and from that point on, Richard Alpert was an immortal man.

The Origin of Jacob

The third to last episode of the series explained where Jacob came from. The episode was poetically titled "Across the Sea." Personally this was the best episode of the entire 6 year series. This is one everyone needs to watch for sure.

The first scene in the episode shows a woman struggling to stay above the water somewhere in the ocean with what looks like a shipwreck all around her. Eventually she finds her way to a beach, and a second woman is quick to come to her rescue through the darkness of the night. As the camera moves around, we learn that the woman that was drowning is actually very, very pregnant. The islander lady takes her to her camp and warms her up with a fire. They talk in Latin, suggesting that the events are happening long ago. The islander lady asks her name and soon-to-be mother says her name's Claudia. They then start talking in English to show us Claudia was some sort of genius, I guess... She then starts to feel contractions everywhere and next thing we know a baby boy is pulled out from within. As the islander lady lays the baby down on a rock, Claudia says that, "he's name is Jacob." A few moments later, however, the contractions return and the wild lady says that there's another one. Claudia is sad to inform us that there's only one name. As the second baby boy is laid next to baby Jacob, the savage woman smashes Claudia's head with a rock and keeps the babies for herself.

As the boys grew up in the island, they were taught that the island was all there was, that there was nothing beyond the sea, and that their mother was the lady that was raising them. One day the boys find out there are other people in the island and the younger of the two, whose name is never revealed, starts to question things and doubt his mother. The boys question their mother about things, specially about the reason they're there in the island if there's more to the world than just that. She brings the two of them of this stream that leads to a rock from which there's a super bright light that shines forth. She explains that the light is the "source" and that it's the same light that is inside of everyone. That light is all that is good and noble. She tells them that the reason they're in the island is to protect the source. The boys are told that if people find out about the source, they will want it more and more, and that will lead to pride and greed. If greedy people try to take too much of it, they can put out the light. And "if the light goes out [at the source], it goes out everywhere."

One day Jacob's young brother has a vision where his birth mother tells him she's his real mother, and that there's a whole world across the sea. The boy then gets mad and decided to leave the family and live with the others. Jacob and the mother insist that he stays, but he departs.

About 30 years later Jacob goes to talk to his brother, who tells him he's found a way to leave the island. Jacob, at that point, didn't even know there was something across the sea. MIB (the "man in black"), who is Jacob's brother, shows Jacob how there are places in the island where metals behave weird. That's the same magnetic anomalies that the Dharma Initiative was so fascinated about. MIB also mentions that he's found a way to access the source from underground. He says he'd been looking for that stream for 30 years and couldn't find it, but now he'd found a way to it through these wells that he and his friend had dug up above the spots on the ground with weird magnetic properties. Jacob didn't know what to make of it, but said he wouldn't leave the island because it was his home. MIB said he'd leave because he didn't belong there.

Jacob and MIB's mother found out about this and killed all of MIB's friends and knocked him out. While he was out she burned out all their stuff and ruined all their wells, including the one that lead to the source. When MIB came to himself he was super angry and killed his mother with a stab to her back. She thanked him as she went down to her death. MIB, upon realizing what he had done, freaked out in regret. Jacob then showed up and was super angry at his brother.

Some time before this, Jacob's mother brought him to the source and told him he'd now have to take her place as the protector of the light. He agreed and she made him drink water from the stream after blessing it. After Jacob drank the water she told him that he was now "like her." She also made him promise her that he'd never go inside the cave that led to the source, because that would be "worse than death."

Now, after Jacob saw his brother standing over their mother's body, he was angry with him, and punched his face a few times. He then took his brother to the stream by the source and told him that since he wanted the light so much, that he could have it. So he threw his brother down towards the stream. His brother smashed his face on a rock and passed out, then the slow current pushed his body down into the light. A few moments later we see the smoke monster coming out of the source. This is where the smoke monster came from. He's basically Jacob's brother without any light in his soul.

Some time later Jacob finds his brother's body lifelessly. He then puts his body away next to his mother's body in the cave where the Losties found water in season 1. If you remember that episode where Jack, Kate, and Locke found the two bodies in the cave, then Locke said, "our very own Adam and Eve."

The whole drama between Jacob and the Man in Black, then, has to do with the fact that Jacob made a covenant to protect the light and his brother wants to leave the island and kill the whole world. Jacob now brings people to the island so he can prepare one person to become his successor as the protector.

Season 6 Conclusion

The last episode shows the four surviving "candidates" that Jacob had brought to the Island to replace him. They were Jack, Hurley, Sawyer, and Kate. Earlier in the season we learn that Kate was a candidate, but for some reason Jacob crossed her name out of the list of candidates. Jacob appear to the 4 candidates one night and explains the whole thing to them. He said that the reason they were chosen to be the candidates to protect the island is because they were all flawed. They needed the island as much as the island needed them, since they were all lonely people with no purpose in life. Jacob asked them which one of them would like to become the new protector of the island. He tells Kate that after she decided to take care of Aaron (Claire's son from season 1), she'd become a mother and had then found a purpose. However, he said that if she wanted to protect the island, the "job is [hers]." Jack raises his hand and takes the job saying it was his purpose. Jacob took Jack to the stream where the source appears and disappears whenever the one decides to access it or see it. He blessed the water in like manner as his mother did 2000 years earlier, makes Jack drink it, and says, "now you're like me."

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