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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Lost Starter Kit

Because Jacob Loves You, Too

Catch up on your Lost

For those of you not quite ready for the finale sneaking up on your all of a sudden (because with J.J. Abrams you just don't know what to expect), here's a few videos from ABC's website with a summary of each season so you can watch the whole thing before Sunday, May 23, 2010, and not put your life on hold because of it (enough Lost fans have done that for us already).

Lost Season 1 « Starter Kit

This was my favorite season of all - until I saw the second season, which then became my favorite season. I especially liked Walkabout... The music, the context, the symbolism... man... This season really is what set Lost apart from any other TV show. If you watch J.J. Abram's presentation at TED about the Mystery Box you'll come to appreciate this first season even more so. Great season!

Lost Season 2 « Starter Kit

I thought this season was so good. At times, I must admit, it felt that it was dragging a bit. Still, it was so good. Especially all the things about the hatches, and the whole story about Desmon. Yes, the flashbacks about the other people from Oceanic 815 was cool, but not really, I guess...

Lost Season 3 « Starter Kit

Now, this is what I'm talking about! That first episode, especially! Ben Linus is the man, that's something we can't argue about. Juliet was a cool addition to the series, too. I felt the whole thing with Kate, Jack, and James (Sawyer) was a bit silly, but I guess it kept the emotionally loose people watching the show... The season 3 wallpapers were also simply mind blowing - true desktop candy.

Lost Season 4 « Starter Kit

Now, the fourth season of Lost truly was my favorite season of all (until season 5 and season 6 came out). For those of you who truly haven't watched this season yet, I recommend with all my heart that you stop reading this and start watching the episodes. I won't say any more on season 4 to avoid spoiling it because it is well worth the rewatch.

Mist Lost Video « Lost Untangled

This is a video from Everybody Loves Hugo since ABC doesn't have a starter kit video for season 5... Sorry, but enjoy the video, it's a good one!


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