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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lost Kate Austen Wallpaper

Lost Wallpaper

Lost Season 6 Wallpaper

With a lot of excited Lost fans requesting more wallpapers of Lost, here goes a few new ones and some notes. Lost wallpaper by ABC, AXN, and StarsWeLove.

Lost Wallpaper > Kate


Kate Austen is one of Lost's main character. In these wallpapers you can see why they called her "freckles"

Lost Wallpaper - Kate Austen

Angeline Lilly Wallpaper

Angeline Lilly - Lost Wallpaper

Kate Austen Wallpaper

Kate Austen Wallpaper

Lost Season 3 Kate Wallpaper

Lost Season 3 Wallpaper - Kate Wallpaper

Lost Wallpaper > random thoughts

I personally liked Lost Season 3 the best. I did love the Dharma Initiative, though. Maybe I'll post some Dharma Initiative wallpapers one day. But for now I'll focus on general Lost Wallpapers...

Lost Wallpaper - John Locke

Lost Wallpaper - Jack and Elizabeth

Lost Wallpaper - Via Domus

Lost Wallpaper - Charlie Fate

Lost Wallpaper - Season 3

Lost Wallpaper - Sawyer

Lost Wallpaper - Opening Screen

Lost Wallpaper - Ben Operation Room

Lost Wallpaper - Season 1

Lost Wallpaper - Season 2

Lost Wallpaper - Season 4

Lost Wallpaper - Season 5

Lost Wallpaper - Oceanic 815

Lost Wallpaper - The wait is over

Lost Wallpaper - Sketch

Lost Wallpaper

This is all, folks. Let's see what happens in Lost season 6 with that weird boy and the smoke thing (Jacob's nemesis) and Desmond... I'll be posting more lost wallpaper images for your computer or ipod or pc or mobile phone... Thanks, and enjoy all the lost wallpaper!

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